Video Production Process

  • The video shoot is done by a two camera crew and a sound technician with oversight by the Executive Producer. It takes 3-4 hours, with breaks every 30 minutes for adjustments. Usually 2-3 cameras are used for the interviews.

  • Raw footage from each camera are duplicated and sent to an outside contractor for time coding and transcription. The full transcript and video of the interviewee are then sent to the Scientific Editors, who produce a first edit reducing the content to 1-1.5 hours (takes ~ 40-50 hours per interview).

  • The Video Producer then edits the audio and visuals of the interviewee, and integrates the interviewer when questions are posed and to cover cuts in the dialog (this takes ~ 40 hours per interview).

  • 3-4 additional edits are required to produce a polished video, which is sent to participants to review (this takes another ~15 hours per interview).

  • After a final edit the Video Producer makes a master. This is sent to our IT Consultant for streaming and uploading Online.


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