Volume 1
Leland Hartwell
by Rochelle Esposito
Cell Cycle Control in Yeast
Francois Jacob
by Lucille Shapiro
The Central Dogma
Gene Regulation
Edward Lewis
by Elliot Meyerowitz
Drosophila Development
Arno Motulsky
by Mary-Claire King
Human Disease
Evelyn Witkin
by Carol Gross
DNA Repair

 Volume 2
Seymour Benzer
by David Anderson
Gene Structure
Behavioral Genetics
James Crow
by Daniel Hartl
Mutation, Selection,
Genetic Drift
Ira Herskowitz
by Jasper Rine
Lambda and
Yeast Gene Regulation
Daniel Lindsley
by Scott Hawley
Chromosome Mechanics
Janet Rowley
by Alfred Knudson
Cancer Genetics

 Volume 3
Elizabeth Blackburn
by Joseph Gall
Telomeres, Cancer, Aging
Sydney Brenner
by Barbara Meyer
Genetic Code
Worm Development
Victor McKusick
by Judith Hall
Human Genetics
Ray Owen
by James Crow
Stem Cells, Immunogenetics
Charles Yanofsky
by David Botstein
Colinearity, Suppression

 Volume 4
Paul Berg
by Charles Yanofsky
RNA/Protein Synthesis
Recombinant DNA
Walter Gehring
by Debra Wolgemuth
Homeobox and Eye Development
Dale Kaiser
by Ronald Davis
Lambda and
Myxococcus Development
Mary-Claire King
by Evan Eichler
Human Genetics
Piotr Slonimski
by Giuseppi Attardi
Mitochondrial Genetics


 Volume 5
Norman Horowitz
by Ray Owen
Biochemical Genetics
Luca Cavalli-Sforza
by Marcus Feldman
Bacterial and Human Genetics
Elliot Meyerowitz
by Daphne Preuss
Plant Growth and Development
Matthew Meselson
by Mark Ptashne
DNA Replication, Recombination and Repair


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